White Hat SEO Specialist

I'm a White Hat Search Engine Optimization Expert

As a white hat, organic search engine optimization specialist, I use techniques that are allowed or recommended by the major search engines. Although these techniques don’t allow promising specific results (such as which search result positions will be achieved or how fast the client could see improvements), most of the times search result positions will progressively improve and the amounts of traffic the site will receive will increase in the short or long term. And best of all, the site won’t be penalized because of the techniques used.

Difference Between White Hat and Black Hat SEO

A white hat search engine optimization specialist will use techniques that comply with search engine rules or recommendations. Black hat SEO specialists would use a questionable technique that might work at that given moment in order to bring websites to top positions, but could get the website penalized afterwards. Search engines are constantly changing and improving their algorithms to prevent such techniques from affecting search results, and often might penalize those sites that used black hat SEO techniques.

Therefore, although black hat SEO specialists many times can promise great and fast results, often these results only last for a very short period of time and those sites can be penalized or banned.