My SEO Plans For Your Website

I offer initial and ongoing SEO plans. These plans will be done according to the specific website and needs.

I can work in English and Spanish.

Initial SEO Plan

Regardless of being a new or an old website, most websites need an initial thorough optimization plan that will improve it and bring it up to date SEO-wise.

In this plan I will often include keywords to target and the possibility to create content for them, optimization of existing pages and technical recommendations and improvements.

Ongoing Search Engine Optimization

Once the website has been optimized, it will need maintenance. This ongoing optimization helps to not only keep up to date but also to continue improving.

How Do my Maintenance Search Engine Optimization Plans Work?:

Ongoing optimization plans are very important to make sure a website does as good as possible in search engines. Every time changes are made and new content is added to the website, SEO needs to be taken into account. And search engines change their algorithms very often, which sometimes causes SEO to have to adapt and change accordingly to the new panoramas.

If you would like know more details about my SEO packages please Contact me.


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